This research group has been established to support and nurture scholarly discourse, research and writing associated with sexualities within the Department of Sociology, Gender & Social Work at Otago. We aim to secure a sustained output of research findings and publications that will have an impact on academic and public-policy debates on issues of sexuality, both locally and internationally. We come together from diverse theoretical orientations and disciplinary backgrounds in order to nurture cross-disciplinary inquiry. Our programme includes departmental seminars, visiting speakers and a range of facilitated discussions.

The sexuality research group is supporting our department's students who conduct sexuality research to attend conferences in New Zealand and Australia.
We are also sponsoring Susan Stryker's keynote presentation to the forthcoming Dunedin conference 'Space Race Bodies', December 2014.

Staff involved with the Sexuality Research Group represent all three programmes in the department: Sociology, Gender Studies and Social Work.

Professor Amanda Barusch (Social Work)
Gerontology; individual development & relationships in later life; intergenerational relationships among those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and/or queer.

Dr Melanie Beres (Sociology)
Sexual violence, sexuality & power; social research methods including both qualitative & quantitative methodologies.

Associate Professor Chris Brickell (Gender Studies)
Gay history & gay studies, masculinity, adolescence, visual histories of intimacy, symbolic interactionist theories of sexuality.

Dr Rebecca Stringer (Gender Studies)
The politics of victimhood; gendered configurations of rape law; contemporary Indigenous politics; reproductive rights; film.